Waiting For Your Social Security Disability Hearing?

The law office of Hempson & Zupanec knows the importance of the hearing to the outcome of aHempson & Zupanec case. That is why we take your hearing as seriously as you do. We want you to be successful in obtaining Social Security Disability benefits.

As we discuss with each client, your hearing will take place in front of an administrative law judge. You will have the chance to sit across from the judge and go over the facts of your case. If you have trouble sitting for long periods of time, the judge will be able to see you stand up and stretch during the hearing. If you have trouble focusing, the judge may notice your attention wandering. Even if your disabilities are not so visible, the judge will have the opportunity to actually see you and hear how your work life has been affected by your impairments. The hearing offers you a very important chance to pull all your evidence together and present it to a real person.

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If you are an established client and you have questions or concerns regarding your hearing, call us at 704-527-2080. We want you to feel confident and prepared.