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Federal Court

Charlotte Federal Courts Lawyer

Taking your Social Security Disability Case to Federal Court

The Social Security disability administrative process consists of four steps; initial application, reconsideration, hearing, and Appeals Council. At all of these stages, SSA is the agency that reviews your claim and makes decisions about it. What happens if you do not win your case at any of these steps? What else can you do?

Although the administrative process is over, you can still file a case in federal district court. At the Charlotte law office of Hempson & Zupanec, we can represent you at the federal court level. We represent people in federal court even if we have not represented them previously. Many lawyers who handle SSDI and SSI will not represent clients in federal court. Our attorneys will, and we have been successful in getting benefits approved for claimants who lost at every step in the administrative process.

What Happens in Federal Court?

A federal court case is a new case. Even so, it is basically a review of the prior SSA decision regarding your claim. The federal district court judge will review the decision made at your hearing to see if the ALJ made any errors. The district court judge will make a decision without having a hearing, and there will be no chance to submit new medical evidence. The federal district court judge might approve your claim, deny your claim, or send your case back to the ALJ for another hearing.

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The experienced attorneys at Hempson & Zupanec can help you do everything you can in order to obtain the disability benefits you may deserve. We work in federal district court and will pursue your case as far as we possibly can. Contact us to see how we can help.